"Imagine if René Redzepi cooked at Sandals.” The Daily Meal

"Silly teens. Style isn’t a crime, unless you commit a fashion faux-pas.” LA Mag

“Drop it like it's hot. Chef Eric Park cherishes chilies like Snoop digs weed." yum du jour

“Compared to its crowded cousin up north, Virginia’s Eastern Shore is wonderfully laid back

— the wooden dinghy to Maryland’s booze cruise.” The Daily Meal

"My blossoming belly was not the product of immaculate accumulation" Munchies

“…stylish digs bring a welcome wallop of cosmopolitan to a town that prefers Merrills to Manolos.” The Daily Meal  

“Unplug from e-commerce and connect to town. This is Gilt for the local set. Recessionistas, start your engines.”  LA Mag

"It's time to take a hands-on approach to accessories." Gaspar Gloves


Writer Alexis Steinman gives good content. She's your one-stop-shop for catchy copy, pithy posts, newsletters, interviews, and reviews. Specialties include travel, edible, and sartorial subjects though Alexis can mouth off on any matter. Having called LA, NYC, Seattle, Paris, and Marrakech home, this storyteller easily immerses into new cultures. Whether scrubbing in sulfur pools on the Sicilian island of Stromboli, sipping Bulls Blood wine in Hungarian caves, or dunking in the Atlantic Ocean on New Year's Day, her experiences infuse her writing with a keen sense of place. Wherever this peripatetic writer wanders, good eats and drink are sure to be nearby. 

  • Alexis is the Seattle editor for The Daily Meal 
  • Yes Way Marseille is her indispensable English guide to France's coolest city
  • Read about her insatiable quest for deliciousness on her blog, yum du jour
  • Fluent in French, Alexis is available for bi-lingual coverage and translation needs